Private Vendetta? Former Vicar General Unleashes Abuse Hysteria

Father Nicolas Betticher wrote a letter to the Vatican in May accusing the [anti-Catholic] Swiss bishops of "serious failures" in handling alleged homosexual abuse cases.

Betticher is a former vicar general of Fribourg diocese, Switzerland. He left the diocese in a dispute and joined the neighbouring Basel Diocese in 2018.

To make more noise, Betticher’s letter was sent to the Sonntagsblick, a propaganda outlet which is not a serious source of information. Betticher has “denied” that he was the source of the leak.

Only a few months ago, the German Raphael Rauch, a controversial media activist at Kath.ch, the anti-Catholic portal of the Swiss bishops, left Kath.ch to join the Sonntagsblick. He is apparently Betticher's link to the oligarchs.

The Vatican immediately went for Betticher's vomit and asked Opus Dei Bishop Bonnemain of Chur, to “investigate”. Bonnemain is known for his subservience to the oligarchs.

The investigation focuses on the bishops, especially those in Fribourg, not by chance, Betticher's former superiors.

According to publicly available sources, exactly two priests have been convicted of child abuse in Switzerland, one in the 1960s and another in 2010.

During this period, over 4500 priests were active in the country.