BIG Exception: Cardinal Becomes Parish-Priest

Italian born Benguela Cardinal Eugenio Dal Corso, 82, Angola, has returned being a parish-priest.

He is one of the many unknown cardinals, Francis created for the sake of his ideology of the “peripheries.” Del Corso lived eleven years in Argentina before going to Angola in 1986.

A priest of Don Calabria, he is now the parish-priest of Caiundo (south-east Angola) where 24’000 people live and where there are days when people – except the priests - eat only once a day. There is no running water in the house. It has to be fetched from the river and boiled before drinking it. The electricity comes and goes.

Like in the decadent West, there are grave social problems. "If a child is born who is a little sick, they just kill the baby,” Dal Corso told (November 28).

The Council Church has also reached Angola, "Practically all the people are Christians. Sixty-five percent are Catholics, but most have only received Baptism; after that they don't experience any more sacraments."


Chin Masks For The Win. For what it's worth, BXVI demoted himself to "Father Benedict".
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"Europe is infected by a strange lack of desire for the future... Children are seen, at least by some people, as a liability rather than as a source of hope." - Benedict XVI, Europe and Its Discontents, 2006.