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Priest Has Krishna Venerated in His Church (Video)

Father Marcos William Bernardo allowed a group of Hare Krishna followers to perform in Immaculate Conception church, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (October 24).

The group danced and sang in honour of Hindu deities but looked more like a parody than a serious pagan cult.

The Hare Krishna movement was formed in 1966 in New York to promote Bhakti yoga and to please Krishna, their supreme deity.

Local Catholics asked Cardinal Orani Tempesta in vain to intervene. But nothing happened. Only a video (below) on the parish's page was removed.


The priest is a follower of Satan
The only reparation required here is a wagon's worth of kindling and a sturdy stake for Father Bernardo. Godless obscenity.
That will repair the human element but it is 2nd Commandment needs repairing.
Cuthbert Mayne
This is terrible. The Hari Krishna should complain. It’s liturgical abuse for them. I’ve never seen this before at a hari Krishna event (I’m a real aficionado of their street dancing).