Holocaust Denial? Curia Cardinal Avoids the Word at ANY Cost

Commemorating on April 24 the Armenian holocaust at the Armenian College in Rome, Curia Cardinal Leonardo Sandri did everything to avoid the word “genocide.”

Between 1915-1917, the anti-Islamic liberal Young Turk government killed two thirds of the 2 million Armenians living in Turkey. Benedict XV personally intervened twice in 1915 with Sultan Mehmed V but, unfortunately, this made the situation worse.

Sandri was more diplomatic. He called the genocide "immense violence," a "drama," a "stain on the history of humanity", a "systematically planned suffering," the “great crime,” the "great evil," but not once a genocide – obviously in order not to upset the NATO country Turkey.

In the past, even Francis had the courage to call the Armenian genocide a genocide.


It has nothing to do with NATO. The Vatican never spared Mr. Trump on those grounds. It's because our "abrahamic brothers" in Islam can't commit genocide. Claiming otherwise might encourage them to, again, prove otherwise.;-)