Better Death: More Details About Fréjus-Toulon

A long article about Francis’ raid on the thriving Fréjus-Toulon Diocese, France, was published by LaVie.fr (June 13). Highlights.

• The two predecessors of Bishop Rey, 69, already attracted new communities (Nuns of Bethlehem, Brothers of Saint John, Community of Saint Martin) to the diocese.

• Rey is accused of accepting seminarians “rejected by other dioceses” and giving “too much space” to “traditionalists.”

• Marseille Neo-Cardinal Aveline visited Rey’s seminary in April 2021 expressing no objections.

• Saint-Etienne Bishop Bataille and Dominican Father Gilbert Narcisse visited in May 2021. Narcisse called the teaching in the seminary “excellent.”

• Three deacons were accepted to be ordained priest later in 2021 – allegedly without sufficiant brackgound checks.

• It’s “uncertain” whether Rey may remain.

• Some say it’s “negative” that some Toulon priests work outside the diocese.

• Rey blesses everything, as long as it works and attracts people and has a missionary zeal lacking in most French bishops.

• Rey is betting on optimism, but is not very good at accompanying initiatives over the long term, he is not a manager, and doesn't like conflicts nor taking decisions.

• Rey likes the Paris society, and has a certain flashiness.

• Over 10,000 signatories of an online petition ask Francis to keep Rey in his post.

Had Rey sat back and let his diocese die in peace, Francis would never have touched him.

Picture: Dominique Rey © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsCnulazrlkg

Mgr. Rey moet zijn ontslag niet accepteren en zelf los van het Vaticaan verder gaan, miljoenen gelovigen over de gehele wereld zullen hem volgen.