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Wilma Lopez
Roberto 55
Maybe he founds his "pedosnack"...
everybody is a comedian
@mccallansteve There were whiney "disciples" of Christ who complained the same thing about Him. Matt. 19: 13-14
Matt 5:18. Our Lord never mocked Judaism or the laws He gave Moses. He hated hypocrites who mocked God with their lies. It would be one thing if this Cardinal put his cap on a child's head (preferably a boy), but to put a little girl's veil on his own head, is someone I really wouldn't want around my little girl.
This isn't "mocking Judaism" or "the laws He gave Moses". :P
Typical newchurch; No sense of gravitas or the dignity of the office. How severely we are being punised
When all are sexless there will be equality. There will be no women and no men. There will be but a fraternity, free and equal. The only consoling thought is that it will endure but for one generation.
Hugh N. Cry
Turn in your pectoral cross, mitre, and crosier - while you’re at it, your man card too.
John A Cassani
That is Bp. Mark O’Connell, who is an auxiliary bishop in Boston, and a canon lawyer. It’s very sad to see him shed his dignity in such a way.
Bonnie Louise
That teen has his number. So do we, thanks to the shared picture.