Francesco I

Jill Biden trying to cover Joe's cognitive decline

SHOCK: Joe Biden Shows Signs Of Dementia & Alzheimers AGAIN! Says He’s An “Obiden-Bama Democrat!”
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Joe Biden spoke in St. Louis, Misssouri, and showed signs of dementia and alzhiemers once again. He claimed that he was a “Obiden-Bama Democrat”, and also could not talk about Trump’s re-election coherently.

GTV's Official Self Appointed Seer predicted this. ;-) Original prediction. -Joseph Biden will publicly stumble over his words on the campaign trail at least twice. Previously and now this. Done.
Francesco I
Alex A
.....and remember,"You ain't black if you don't vote Democrat" This color thing needs to be 'white-washed'!
Francesco I
Nonsense! Abraham Lincoln was a Republican! And the slave traders in the south were Democrats!
The plan for Dems is, if they win, for Biden to resign due to health issues with in the year and turning over the presidency to Harris. He will be hailed as a magnanimous and noble man for crowning her. They are not fooling anyone. I asked some Democrat associates about this. They said, we don't expect Biden to serve very long and that we actually will be voting for a president Harris.
Roberto 55
I feel sorry for Joe Biden, his" husband "is Alzheimer and his wife is "Dementia", but Joe B., you are still alive,- repent...Dems nominated "Harissa Kamal" = worst pick ever, not only for the USA, but also for the World!
And btw Harissa is brown, not black...
Be Ye Separate
In one interview, she looked beige = Beige Lives Matter?
hmm ok
communists always have been red – inside