Decadent Australia 'Allows' Human Filth Near Cardinal Pell's Funeral

Militant homosexuals have announced a deployment during the February 2 funeral of Cardinal George Pell - a victim of the abuse hoax - in Sydney, under …
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Human filth= homosexuals, transexuals, drag queen perverts, TRANS, non-binary freaks, etc.etc.etc.
English Catholic
Another sign of demonic activity. Our Lady of Good Success, pray for Cardinal Pell RIP and all of us.
God loves him and has hopefully already welcomed him home to Heaven. We on earth need to suffer the indignity on the Cardinal’s behalf - let that thoughtgalvanise us to do so. Ignore the lobby. God bless Cardinal Pell.
Italian Lover
Pontifical Requiem Funeral Mass for Cardinal George Pell this week in Australia.
Darrell J Roman
His reward is great in heaven... Those that protested at the Cardinals funeral will one day feel the wrath of God upon them!