Young Catholic Woman’s First-Time Experience of the Traditional Latin Mass

Theresa Bagley writes on Twitter about attending her First Latin Mass (November 10):

“Just went to my first Latin Mass. Thought I'd share my experience even though twitter is in the middle of the liturgy wars.

It was a High Mass. And it was beautiful. I love the singing, the incense, all the pretty veils (I was wearing one too), all the kneeling and signs of the cross. It was so reverent.

But it was also peaceful. I’m usually anxious when I do new things or am around new people, and I was worried that I’d stick out. But honestly, I didn’t feel that at all. And there was absolutely zero pressure for me to do everything exactly right.

Before Mass, we prayed a rosary. Everybody was kneeling. When the rosary was over, everyone was silent. A lot of people were still kneeling and praying, but it was quiet. And I really liked that because it gave me time and focus to pray.

There were a ton of altar servers. Like probably more than enough, but I noticed that a good portion of them were really young boys. And I thought, wow. This could be their gateway into joining a seminary later in life and becoming a priest. And it all starts here at Mass.

Now I love incense no matter what kind of Mass I’m at. I will never not appreciate incense. Tbh though, I was expecting more than what they actually had. But that could just be me idk. I love incense, so the stronger the better lol.

I know everybody says that I wouldn’t know what’s going on when if it’s my first time since it’s in Latin. But tbh I didn’t even feel like I needed to know. Because everything was so reverent and prayerful that I just got lost in that until it was time to receive.

Now at this point I’m used to receiving on the tongue. It was really nice to not have to worry about whether the priest was gonna look at you weird because you stuck your tongue out (that’s never actually happened to me, but I overthink everything so sometimes I do worry).

At the end of Mass, everybody stayed for a few minutes kneeling. It was nice because we had just received and now we had some nice silent time to pray before we left the church.

Overall, I would totally make the drive out again (probably not every week because that’s a lot of gas). But it’d be awesome to go there regularly not only to get myself more familiar, but just because it was so peaceful and reverent.”
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