Francis' Ecumenism: Eucharist Is Next Step

Francis wants to continue on the ecumenical path "with passion", he told a delegation of the Lutheran World Federation on 25 June. The occasion was a commemoration of the 25 June 1530 Augsburg Confession when the imperial estates of the time put their Lutheran misbelief in writing in that city.

Francis wants the next step of ecumenism to be about understanding the "intimate connection between Church, ministry and Eucharist."

He said that the circumstances that led to the spin-offs in the 16th century cannot be undone, but could be seen anew in the context of a "reconciled history" - whatever that means.

Francis focused his speech on the "one baptism for the forgiveness of sins", but left out the other sacraments which the Protestants deny, such as confession. Presently, he is dreaming of a "unity reconciled in differences" - which in the field of religion is a contradiction in terms.

The Protestant groups with which Francis conducts his ecumenical talks are, without exception, empty administrative structures without real "believers."

Picture: © Vatican Media, #newsSlpbcscazw

@Scapular "A church near me"? It isn't going to happen at the church where I'm a registered member and that's all concerns me. :)
The Vatican planed 2021 German schism must be coming to a church near you! The church of man.
"Unity reconciled in differences"? "Let's call the whole thing off." youtu.be/J2oEmPP5dTM
Had AmorisLaetitia been around at the time of King Henry VIII, there would be no ‘Church of England’ today.
Pope Pius XII: “...the only true union [is] by the return of the dissidents to the one true Church of Christ” (Instruction Ecclesia Catholica on the Ecumenical Movement, Dec. 20, 1949).
Francis promotes “reconciled history” with Lutherans.
It is clear he is with the Germans all the way!