Russian-Orthodox Community: Famous Hilarion Has Fallen from Power

Metropolitan Hilarion, a talented theologian and musician of Jewish background, has been transferred on June 7 from his position as Chairman of the Department of External Relations of the Russian-Orthodox Community – the Number Two position - to head the small Russian-Orthodox Diocese in Budapest, Hungary.

There is no evidence that Hilarion requested this transfer, nor was gratitude expressed for his work in his previous work. Without presenting facts, the warmongering oligarchs’ media constructed a conflict between Patriarch Kirill and Hilarion on the Ukrainian war.

Peter Anderson (IlSismografo, June 7) writes that Hilarion has had a close friendship with Budapest Cardinal Erdő since the time he was Russian Bishop of Vienna.

Hilarion is replaced by Metropolitan Anthony of Korsun, 37, the Exarch of Western Europe. According to sources available to Gloria.tv, Anthony is kind, unambitious, of modest life and well-liked by his clergy, Hilarion much less, also because he is ambitious and worldly.

Picture: Hilarion, Péter Erdő © Patriarchia.ru, #newsVufjibrkja
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