Lowest Level of Disregard: Police Hold Phone for Fada Face as Mass dey go on (Video)

Elderly Fada Lino Viola celebrate one funeral for church wey dey 300 square meters for Soncino, Italy with thirteen people wey wear gloves and masks.

Dem allow only seven people with the cantor, altar boys and person wey dey stream the event, but Viola no pursue other six family members.

So, as the mass dey on, police officers waka enter dey shout, "We suspend this service." Them fine Fada Viola with 270 euros say im no obey the coronavirus regime. Viola no stop the mass.

So, one policeman try to give am phone make im talk with the mayor. Fada answer: "I no fit answer mayor; I dey say mass." Him tell the policeman make im no interrupt mass. Finally, the police come commot.

Viola tell LeNuovaBq.it (April 20) say for im 80 years of life and 55 years as fada, him never see where dem disrespect mass like this.