Not only “blessings”: Now Francis voices approval of the need of “legal recognition” of same-sex “unions”.

In yet another set of declarations, included in his “autobiography” to be published in a few days by HarperCollins. From the excerpt made available by Italian daily “Corriere della Sera” (L’autobiografia del Papa: «Ratzinger usato contro di me. In seminario ebbi una sbandata»):


"It is right that these people who are living the gift of love can have legal coverage like everyone else. Jesus often went out to meet people who lived on the margins, and that's what the Church should do today with people from the LGBTQ+ community, who within the Church are often marginalized: make them feel at home, especially those who have received baptism and are in effect part of God's people. And those who have not received baptism and wish to receive it, or those who wish to be godparents, please let them be welcomed."

This "papal" acceptance of civil unions for "same-sex couples" is the complete denial of two thousand years of Church teaching and constitutes a colossal scandal, which can only come from an evil and perverted mind operating under the influence of the father of lies...

"In the letter I wrote to you, I told you to avoid the company of fornicators; not meaning everyone in the world around you who is debauched, or a miser, or an extortioner, or an idolater; to do that, you would have to cut yourselves off from the world altogether. No, my letter meant that if anyone who is counted among the brethren is debauched, or a miser, or an idolater, or bitter of speech, or a drunkard, or an extortioner, you must avoid his company; you must not even sit at table with him." I Cor. 5, 9-11.

St. Paul does not ask himself, “Who am I to judge?” but passes sentence and condemns a public sinner for his wicked sexual depravity. The punishment is excommunication, expulsion from the Church of God. Whereas ‘Pope’ Francis reasons that public aberrosexuals ought not to be marginalized because they “have been baptized and are in every respect among God’s people”, the apostle uses the fact of their baptism against them, and the fact that they are members of the Church is for him a problem to be solved precisely by expelling them!

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