First Victim Of Wicked Vatican-China Pact: Chinese Bishop Arrested

The Chinese police has arrested Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin of Mindong, whom the Vatican has asked in 2017 to step down and make way for the excommunicated state bishop Zhan Silu. According to Asia …
Hugh N. Cry
Just remember Francis, with six you get eggroll.
When they meet, they both say, "Comrade".
Our Lady of Fatima revealed that communism would spread its errors through the world
De Profundis
China releases Bishop Guo Xijin, but bans him from celebrating Chrism Mass... -
The message from Beijing is loud and clear: the government will control the bishops. Will the Vatican-- apparently desperate for an agreement-- pay attention?
Hang your head in shame, Cardinal Parolin.
De Profundis
The deal proposes to hand over control of the parishes, control over the Priests, control over the laity, the money, the buildings etc. Who could ever trust a Communist-approved Bishop or Priest in the Confessional?
As this happens BEFORE the pact is struck, imagine what life will be like for the underground Church AFTER Pope hands over control to the Communist Party.