Where in THE Heck Are You, Bishops & Cardinals?!

Oh my gosh, bishops and cardinals! Why were the special adorations and Rosaries happening left and right during the COVID outbreak, and yet not one of you has suggested this for the insanity going on in our country? What in the heck happened to you? If I missed you, please tap me on the shoulder and let me know, but if you didn’t, it is a HUGE derelict in duty.
We should be praying as one for the souls of the many who have now died, everyone from George Floyd on down. We should be praying as one for peace to reign in our country. We should be praying for a return to God. You, however, are silent.

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Those are Cavanaugh Breads' Gluten-Free Individually Wrapped Communion Wafers. -in case anyone needs 'em for Live-Stream Mass. :P