Perversion: Parish Priest Sues Homosex Dancer AND Those Making Atonement

Father Pierre Vivarès of Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis in Paris, a church recently desecrated by a half-naked homosex dancer, lodged a complained against the dancer – and against the young people who made atonement after the infamy.

According to Medias-Press.info (March 2), Vivarès simply detracted the young people as “skin-heads in Barbour.”

During their prayer, a parishioner came out of the church and congratulated them. Five non-believers stopped to support them while Vivarès sees no difference between the blasphemer and the youth Catholics for whom he refused to open the church.

Vivarès accuses both of having “provoked the public opinion,” “used his church for personal aims,” and utilised "the dictatorship of the image and the buzz" while those you prayed – according to Vivarès - “perverted the event.”

Eric Zemmour, the Jewish anti-Islam candidate for the 2022 French Presidential elections, strongly supported by many Catholics, took to Twitter.com to proclaim that "I disapprove of those who kneel in the kneel in the street to pray." He could have remained silent.


Jan Joseph
Zemmour heeft door dit ene Twitter bericht zijn kandidatuur voor het presidentschap in Frankrijk verspeeld.
Jeffrey Ade
@aderito I am afraid the time is coming when these people will be wiped off the earth! Maybe us along with them!
“skin-heads in Barbour.” Fact Check: None of the Catholics kneeling outside have shaved heads/ skin-head fashions. Likewise, they could not have “used his church for personal aims,” because they were kneeling outside of it.
THese people should have been wiped out the door ,They have no shame