Arroyo Reminds: US Bishops Forbad Novus Ordo Masses Ad Orientem = No To Vatican II Mass

Mother Angelica (+2016), the founder of the Catholic television EWTN, has initially broadcasted the English Novus Ordo Masses with the priest facing God.

EWTN’s journalist Raymond Arroyo said on July 22 (video below) that "the bishops have said we can't show that,” Arroyo explained. Facing God is the default position according to the Novus Ordo Missal and Vatican II.

Therefore, when "people" say that we need to embrace the "Mass of Vatican II," Arroyo replies, “You don’t want to see the Mass of Vatican II. That is the reality.”

On Traditionis Custodes, Arroyo said, "It's a little like saying we have Rock and Roll today. Opera is hereby banished because it's all contained in some way in Rock and Roll”.