Vatican Newspaper Capitulates – Continues Even Stronger

The 160-year-old L’Osservatore Romano succumbed to the coronavirus.

It’s paper edition has been paused. A virus did what two World Wars couldn't do.

During the entire 20th century, L'Osservatore didn't miss a single day, although the Nazis pushed hard on Mussolini to shut it down.

We at do not only continue as usual – but build a stronger community than ever.

On March 23, saw more than 400,000 different visitors. This was the second day in our history with over 400,0000 different visitors in one day. The first was Easter 2018.

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now you should know why there was a fuss about Toilet

papers going out so soon!
The printed publishing industry has been in a decline now for at least half a decade. Again, it's an elderly patient with a pre-existing condition. ;-)
F M Shyanguya
God bless all his good works at your hands.