The Pope “Of Synodality” Hates Laces

Francis’ advice to Sicilian Bishops not to wear laces is for Caminante-Wanderer.Blogspot.com (June 12) “unusual.”

One must dig deep into the Church’s history “to find a similar example of authoritarianism,” he notices.

Francis is prying into the usages of other dioceses, “as if they were not governed by successors of apostles as he is and had no right to traditions and sensibilities different from his own.”

Caminante asks whether this is “the pope of synodality.”

The picture below shows the lace alb of St. Francis (+1226).


Uit protest moeten alle priesters en misdienaars een touwtjes dragen.
Cassandra Laments
Wow, I didn't know these existed. Beautiful to see!
But the lavender mafia loves it!