Collapse In Front of the Altar

A man was praying on his knees in the afternoon of February 21 in Jesus the Priest Church, Mexico City.

The man's name was Juan, reports. He was in his sixties and made his way on his knees along the main aisle up to the altar. Minutes later he collapsed and died from a sudden heart attack right in front of the altar.

A sacristan witnessed the incident and informed the pastor who called an ambulance although several signs indicated that Juan was dead.

Only, 45 minutes later Juan’s funeral Mass was celebrated. His corpse was covered with a white sheet. Juan’s son had been informed and was present.

Given a choice, is there any better place to die?
A blessing for him and his family we think we went direclly to heaven.
atreverse pensar
Walking on one's knees is a very devout gesture.. God rest his soul.