Western Values: Male Rapists Want Sex in Women's Prisons

42% of transvestite inmates in Scotland (97 out of 230) were sentenced to jail due to sex crimes, official figures show.

44 were jailed for rape. 14 forced under-age children to engage in sexual activity. Another 11 transvestites were convicted of sexual assault, and seven for possessing or making images of child abuse.

Since 2014, the Scottish Prison Service has allowed male prisoners posing as "women" to be transferred to women's wards. A spokesperson claimed in October 2022 that there had only been two complaints by women against male inmates, none were sexually motivated.

ScottishDailyExpress.co.uk reported in January 2022 that transvestite inmates "revert" to males after release.

A study published in the British Journal of Criminology also found that some of these prisoners identified themselves as women only so that they could fornicate with female inmates.

Picture: © Jobs For Felons Hub, CC BY, #newsOgyfqwlnvp

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