Covid-Kardinal sah die Muttergottes, während er auf der Intensivstation lag –

Auf der Intensivstation sah Bassetti sogar die Muttergottes vom Trost
GJA Taylor
Clericalism gone mad. So reminiscen tof the eighties when clergymen were falling over themselves to have "ecumenical services" then they eventually noticed they were the only ones there. The faithful just went to Mass instead. These prelates are pathetic really.
“a true believer and man of prayer.” Perhaps the Cardinal is right, from a certain point of view. Many truly believe in the devil and pray to it daily.
Conversion was always an option for the Imam. Maybe the Cardinal should consider it for himself.
Louis IX
I understand wanting what is best for a friend after their death but is it wise for a Cardinal to declare these thoughts publically? (the one’s counter to the Gospel.)