Cardinal Believes: Confusion in Church is "Purification"

Christ will change the "confusion" that presently governs the Church, Utrecht Cardinal Willem Eijk, Netherlands, told (May 17).

He pointed out that the Church is the "eldest enterprise in the whole world.” And “We’ve existed for 2,000 years and we will exist until the end of times.”

Eijk calls it difficult to understand what God means with the current confusion. But he expects to understand its meaning “afterwards.”

His guess is that this is a time of "purification" for the Church, "Perhaps we need it."

Picture: Willem Eijk, ©, #newsPfrrundwfg
maybe we are arrived at the end of times
Dr Bobus

Don't forget Western Liberalism.
Yes, all forms of liberalism too
In that case, we need more perversion and marxist ideology in the Church because we just aren't being "purified" enough.