Sentimental Francis Defines Faith, Fails

Faith is “a cry" for salvation, "a protest" against a "painful condition for which we don't understand the reason,” and "the hope" of being saved, Francis said at his May 6 Wednesday Livestream General Audience.

Disbelieve is for him “limiting oneself to endure a situation that we have adapted ourselves to,” and "becoming accustomed to the evil that oppresses us.”

These definitions witness of the confusion of a sentimental mind. According to CCC 150, Faith is “a free assent to the whole truth that God has revealed.”

One can adhere to the Catholic faith while living in mortal sin. James 2:19 points out that “even the devils believe in God” yet don't hope for salvation.


I'm sure many Catholics do understand "the reason" for the current "painful condition": leftist hysteria and cowardly Church leaders collaborating with secular overtly anti-Christian governments.
That is, this guy is a bad, low level existencialist, nihilist, of the pessimist type. From that point, he tries to deceive, make us believe he is not a nihilist and that he thinks there is hope, despite he already said we are blind and everything is bad
Fallen angels believe the existence of God because they saw Him. Though they are super intelligent, they do not know and believe the whole truth about God that is Love Himself. They do not believe that they should have been remained His faithful servants. This defect of their faith has led them into sin for eternity.