No Benevolence: Vienna Cardinal Calls Trump a Liar

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, 75, published on (January 14) his version of the stolen US elections.

For him, the January 6 Capitol protestors were “seduced” by President Trump who had observed that the US presidential elections were manipulated. In the last four years, the US media oligarchs and the Democratic Party have been saying the same, but Schönborn never complained.

Without evidence, he accuses Trump of “lies that led to violence.” Schönborn moralises, “This is what happens when truth is no longer distinguished from lies. What a warning against the power of lies!” Liberal cardinals certainly know something about lies. ridiculed Schönborn by illustrating the op-ed with his picture carrying the following caption, “The cardinal as we know him: smiling benevolently.”


Cuthbert Mayne
Just another village idiot. I would trust President Trump over this jackass any day and twice on Sunday.
Does anyone remember Mr. Schonborn weighing in on the BLM riots and chaos in the U.S. last summer?
Some facts for the Cardinal
Hugh N. Cry
Mind your own business Cardinal. How many sodo-priests did you shuffle around?