While she was near death with COVID-19 she became a front-page story in The Buffalo News and a Joan of Arc figure in a new revolution

Michael Capuzzo: The Story of the Cover Story

"The Buffalo News and a Joan of Arc gure in a new revolution, the grandmother who won the rst legal ght in the battle of Ivermectin. It is an unprecedented civil rights uprising of doctors, nurses, scientists, Nobel-Prize winning biologists, billionaire health philanthropists, civil rights activists, and thousands of ordinary people across Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Canada, and the United States ghting a global, big-data-driven medical establishment. ey’re ghting for the lost little things, the little data—the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, the survival of the Hippocratic Oath, and the most important of civil rights, the right to life."…The-Drug-that-Cracked-Covid-by-Michael-Capuzzo.pdf