"You and what army?"

comfort ye
Thanks. This is serious warfare going on. August Queen of Heaven, send forth thy legions....
They are already here, just patiently waiting for God to give them the command...
It’s as true as the Sun and moon in the sky...
How soon can they get here, because at the moment we have no shepherds and no defence
We are at the foot of the cross on Golgotha. Our Blessed Mother told us at La Salette, at Fatima, at Lourdes to pray, to pray the Rosary, to lead good lives. The children at Fatima made many, many sacrifices to save souls and to console God who is so offended by the many sins and offenses of many people. We need to offer up our sufferings like they did.
But its so difficult when being bombarded by so much rubbish. When those who speak of it are held up and applauded and those who are very few speak out against it are shouted down
I think we need to pray, and make our voices heard. This woman, Peggy Hall, has been working very hard in California to push back against the Covid 'pandemic'. She's just one woman, but she's given me courage, and I think we, too, can do whatever we can to take back our Church, and our rights against this Communist World Order.
-Now welcome dear apocalypse/ We dance in raining stars. -We turn this nightmare into bliss/ Snowing fire and raining stars."