Viganò: Where Are The Prelates Who Have Celebrated Mass in Saint Peter's For Years?

Francis' Anti-Mass decree legitimises worldwide abuses because similar prohibitions have been enforced for decades without being explicitly formulated, Archbishop Viganò writes on AldoMariaValli.it (March 31).

In most sacristies, priests who want to say Mass are forced into passive concelebrations. For Viganò it is "useless" to object that saying Mass is a "right of every priest."

Modernists detest the simultaneous celebration of several Masses and the celebration towards God, Viganò explains because for them, the Mass is "a dinner.”

He decries the cowardly and complicit silence of many prelates: “Where is the Archpriest Emeritus of the Basilica [Comastri], where is Cardinal Re, who like me has celebrated his private Mass in St. Peter's every day for years?”

Viganó explains that Francis' ecclesial dictatorship is based on “subjects without backbone.” He understands the Anti-Mass decree as another attempt to pander heretics, non-Christians and neo-pagans.

The situation under Francis is for Viganò like a "modern golden calf" which awaits the return of Moses who will restore the Catholics to the true Faith after driving out "the new idolaters, followers of Aaron of Santa Marta.”


Some people are just a little nuts... there is no anti Mass decree... please to not fall for this exceedingly negative propaganda by established fear mongers
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The temple is being “cleansed” for the anti-christ to enter-can’t have any of those silly real priests and believers hanging around-and the True Eucharistic presence of Jesus! Not to mention the lingering aroma of incense! And those bells! Satan demands a cleansed temple!
The Church was, is, and always shall be Catholic @mccallansteve Certain clergy within it might not follow its teachings, but even that's nothing new.
Let us all pray that Almighty God intervenes very soon so that the Church can be Catholic again.
Satan has been enthroned! More Masses are not a good thing for those in charge!
The Papal Almoner recently celebrated a Novus Ordo on a side altar for Polish pilgrims, but he's close to Francis. This is the sort of Latin American tinpot dictator way of doing things.
Cecilia Lopez
Probably didn't want the Church's prayers for the conversion of those who were once the Chosen people.