Belgian Reform Archbishop Joins Ratzinger/Sarah Plea

Monsignor André Léonard, the former Brussels Archbishop, Belgium, asked all bishops of the Church to join the Benedict/Sarah plea against undermining priestly celibacy (, January 17).

While in office, Léonard was a magnet for vocations and zealous reformer of the Church. Therefore, Francis replaced him as soon as Léonard reached retirement age with an anti-Catholic stooge and never made Léonard a cardinal.

Léonard stresses that Benedict’s and Sarah’s warning not to undermine celibacy, is “of very great weight.”

He compares their plea with the four Dubia who asked Francis to dispel "ambiguities" contained in Amoris Laetitia.

Strangely, Léonard also calls Francis' statement on homosexual fornication "who am I to judge", his Abu Dhabi heresy and his Pachamama cult "ambiguities."

As "ambiguities" he also considers the Amazon Synod's statements about celibacy noticing that the Synod envisages “exceptions” which - he warns - will rapidly be universalised.

Picture: André Léonard, ©, #newsIvbccsotbv

+Léonard was a tentative start to having Catholic bishops in Belgium, but the effort was too timid. Even before Bergoglio got rid of him, he was isolated among faithless colleagues.
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