Communist Officials Storm Mass: Faithful Cast Them Out

Two Vietnamese government officials, one with helmet, entered a February 20 Mass celebrated by Hanoi Archbishop Joseph Vu Van Thien in Vụ Bản Parish ordering the prelate to interrupt Mass and to send the faithful home.

According to Fides.org, the pretext was a gathering of more than 30 people despite Covid regulations. However, the faithful resisted and the officials - the secretary of the Vụ Bản Communist Party of and the vice-president of the People’s Committee - left.

After the incident, Hanoi Archdiocese sent a letter to the political authorities demanding respect for religious freedom, calling the event “disrespectful" and an “abuse of power,” and stating that in the area local authorities try to hamper religious activities.


Stop believing them
no in Canada its getting worst
It’s happening worldwide folks. Has Canada or Australia returned to normal? We must pray hard for Christians everywhere especially for priests and the religious.