New Zealand: Bishops Accept Euthanasia Suicide, Call It "Good Faith"

New Zealand's bishops de facto accept a new “End-of-Life Choice Act” euthanasia law that comes into effect November 7.

Five pages of verbose guidelines for priests call it a “sign of good intent” when persons planning to kill themselves request spiritual accompaniment. Speaking about "assisted dying," the bishops expect that the wanna-be suicides' request will be granted.

They call it "proper" to give the sacraments to suicides who requests them, and claim that priests ("ministers") are entitled to presume that a suicide who conscientiously transgresses the fifth commandment ("thou shalt not kill") and asks for the sacraments "does so in good faith."

The bishops call on priests "to affirm God’s mercy" by presiding at the funeral of cold-blooded suicides. For those priests who see through the episcopal bag of tricks, the guidelines propose the Anglican solution: a priest not willing to grin and bear it, may opt out but must find another priest who will commit the crime.

According to Catholic Faith, suicide is an evil punished by God with hell. That's why the merciful Catholic Church before Vatican II did everything to prevent it.

Picture: © New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, Facebook, #newsRhqjhssdrl

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Dr Bobus
Qui tacet consentire
Apostates, one and all
Jeffrey Ade
Not Catholic at this point!
Rand Miller
More than stupid--evil.
Father D. Joseph Waugh
More useless bishops. Hirelings!
Stupid people
Jan Joseph
Hieruit blijkt maar weer dat de Katholieke kerk van na Vaticanum 2 een ander Katholieke kerk is, dan die voor Vaticanum 2, dus een totaal ander geloof is.
Jeffrey Ade
Yes in apostasy!