Wife of Ambassador to Holy See: Francis Is “Judas of Catholic Church”

Francis and Tegucigalpa Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga are “the two Judas of the Catholic Church in the new world order.”

The wife of a former Ambassador to the Holy See, Martha Alegría Reichmann, writes this on Criterion.hn (June 19).

She explains that Francis protects discredited Cardinal Maradiaga because Francis is part of the “new world order” that wants a world without morals, the extermination of a third of humanity, the annihilation of the family, abortion, gender ideology, homosexual pseudo-marriage, “and all kinds of perversions.”

Reichmann observes that Francis “has the capacity to deceive with a false humility and kindness.” She considers him to be a “mason.”

According to her, a U.S. investigation has shown that Rodriguez Maradiaga handles millions provided by billionaire George Soros for bribing within the Vatican.

These facts do not surprise Reichmann, “because having met them face to face, I know about the nature of these two wolves in sheep's clothing.”


Judas always has and always will live within the Catholic Church, popes are not exempt.
Claudius Cartapus
A clear sign that the good Pope Francis has a doubtful pectoral cross of the "good shepherd" (John 10, 12-13). The Masonic sign at the heart of the pectoral cross, arms crossed, seems quite clear. Freemasons clearly recognize one of their… 🤫
Claudius Cartapus
On December 14th in the Paul VI room of the Vatican, the spirit of Pachamama hovered over the audience… The INGSOC logo comes from the film 1984. See in this film the crowd in front of the giant screen being captivated. People after an outburst of hysteria only come to cross their arms above their heads in rallying ... Have you already seen?
Claudius Cartapus
Extract from the film Nineteen Eighty Four (This is my favorite extract). So I imagine in the same way the people in the Paul VI Hall listening to the theme song of the film crossing their arms: Dominic Muldoney - Oceania (Tis for Thee)
She's right. I'd pity any child held in the grasp of that Communist.
Novella Nurney
Sounds about right.
At least Judas was a Jew. This man Bergolio (I try not to call him by the name of the poor saints he dishonored) was never ever d dedicated to God. Even his prayer when he was ordained denied God's existence. He is a disciple of Satan.
Novella Nurney
I personally dont think being a Jew moves the goalposts either way. Bergoglio is awful and more no doubt. You may ( or may not find this interesting) have you noticed the updated Franciscan coat of arms lately?
Novella Nurney
Versus the old coat of arms