Vatican Communication Machine Lets Francis Invent A New Sacrament

Christ instituted at the Last Supper not one but “two sacraments,” Francis said according to an Italian January 19 release of the Vatican's Press Office.

According to the Press Office, the two "sacraments" were the Eucharist and the Washing of the Feet. To do justice to Francis: In a Spanish message to Venezuelan clergy, he spoke about two "institutive acts" which Christ carried out at the Last Supper, not of "two sacraments."

Sandro Magister - and not only he - is astonished that the Vatican's communication machine makes such blunders.


I believe the symbolism goes back to a Jewish custom, when priests entered the temple, and this is where our Lord made the Apostles into Priests (or signified that they were), so not a new Sacrament, but one of the Seven.
Up next, the Sacrament of Human Fraternity. You heard it here first!
Tony M
I suspect the blunders fully deliberately made with Bergoglio's approval.....maybe even his direction.
Just look at the games he plays with us when he does interviews with Scalfari.
None of Scalfari's assertions refuted by Bergog as he keeps going back for more interviews with him.
Come on everyone.....wakey wakey!!!!