Abdul Karim Paz: Francis Loves Lapsed Catholics

Francis received on October 15 a certain “Sheikh Abdul Karim Paz” in private audience.

The true name of the alleged sheikh is Santiago Ricardo Paz Zuberbühler Bullrich. He is a lapsed Catholic who runs the Shi'i At-Tauhid mosque in Buenos Aires, Floresta neighbourhood.

Paz is a good friend of the leftwing Peronist Luis D'Elía who called Francis “the only one who sets limits” to former (pro-life) Argentinean President Mauricio Macri.

The "sheikh" descended from an aristocratic Argentine family and was educated at the elitist Novus Ordo Catholic Instituto San Martín de Tours which likely was the reason why he became a Moslem at 18.

Paz is a cousin of Patricia Bullrich (Macri’s Minister of Security) and a close relative to Esteban Bullrich (Macri’s Minister of Education). When Macri visited the Vatican, Francis made a sour face, even though Macri is an Amoris-Laetitia Catholic.


Catholic Resistance .
Catholic Resistance .
GTV News:."he became a Moslem at 18" "He is a lapsed Catholic..." Correction: According to Canon Law he isn't "a lapsed Catholic" at all. He isn't a Catholic or even a Christian. He is an apostate and a pagan.
가입을 원합니다
Some say, the reason why I'm leaving the church is to keep my remaining faith.
Or " I don't attend Church, I AM the Church".
If you leave the Francis church, does that count as leaving the Catholic Church?
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Re both: Francis is not Catholic, but heretical antipope. You have to leave Whore of Babylon, the end-times counter church lead by Francis. You will find more at, and you can also leave a message to their email address. Catholics should also pray, if they can, 15 decades of Rosary each day.
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“Young people are leaving the Church because Catholic schools aren’t teaching the faith”