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The Synod about Synods and the coercive measures under the pretext of Covid have further aggravated the sharp divisions in the Church and society.

In the midst of ideology, fear-mongering, media mainstreaming, discrediting of dissenters, contempt for freedom of conscience and speech, is experiencing a quantum leap and enjoying a demand we would not have thought possible at its inception. Best of all: we are still at the beginning! stands for state-of-the-art software and corresponds to the communication habits of people today. We are working at full speed to keep expanding the world's most technologically advanced Catholic website.

Please help us to reach our fundraising goal of 30,000 Euros in Advent, so that we can at least balance even this second Covid year, which has also hit many of our donors hard.

Please join us in seizing the opportunity of this unique project: more information instead of propaganda, more cohesion instead of division, more networking instead of isolation, more friendship, and above all: more piety. So that God may be glorified in everything.

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Below is a video of a baby girl giving high five to a priest who raised his hand to bless her.


I have it on good authority GTV is launching its own comm satellite. You heard it here first!
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Seer3 is a GIFT. (Below is just a nice pic - Yesterday outside of the Supreme Court)