Formerly Sovereign: Francis Imposes New Superior

Francis appointed Fra' John Dunlap as the new Lieutenant Grand Master of the Order of Malta to prevent its members to exercise the Order's former autonomy, SilereNonPossum.it (June 13) writes.

Dunlap’s predecessor, Fra' Marco Luzzago died on June 7. The Order is de facto run by Cardinal Silvano Maria Tomasi and Neo-Cardinal Father Gianfranco Ghirlanda.

SilereNonPossum.it stresses that the appointment goes “far beyond” Francis’ competence who demonstrates again that his way of reforming the Church “is not at all that of dialogue.”

Dunlap is a Canadian born lawyer who has been legal advisor to the Holy See’s Permanent UN Observer Mission since 1997. He took is solemn vows in 2008 as the first American member.


De orde van Malta is de orde van de gebakken lucht.