Biden Admin Dubs Transgender Individual Rachel Levine ‘First-Ever Female Four-Star Admiral’ Of …

President Joe Biden’s administration named Rachel Levine, a top U.S. health official and transgender woman, the “first-ever female four-star admiral”…
Fun Trivia: Actor Ted Levine played the freaky tranny serial killer in Silence Of The Lambs. "It places the Biden in the White House or else it gets the hose again. :P
Rand Miller
He won't need a costume on Halloween.
Lets be honest! First ever four star pervert.
The New Knights Templar
Admiral Rachel Levine--just saying that makes me laugh so hard it's almost as good as Let's Go Brandon!!
Correction, my man... Rachel Levine is a Rear Adimrial. ;-)
The New Knights Templar
LOL!!! And undoubtedly a well-weathered one at that. You kill me, Dear One!!!! 😂
Facts Not Lies
I feel sorry for this person... a puppets puppet.

Today, all that matters is EEO or diversity or whatever is the nom du jour ...
I know of a number of companies who hired a lesser qualified person and put them in place of existing person at the highest levels of HR... but, it improved the companies social score!!!
Angelo Santelli
What a joke. And, man, she/he/it is ugly.