Facts Not Lies
As I asked prior...

Did Francis get some Black Mail (omit the space between those words for greater clarity) suggesting that he acquiesce to global depopulation agenda?

Saving ones self at the life risk of billions.... this is the act of a Holy person .... isn't it?
Dr Bobus
This is not the first papacy to admit to the over population ideology.
@De Profundis "...Fr James Martin, S.J., among the new cardinals" The Church's First Murrican Pope. You heard it here first, probably "seasoned" as a cardinal under Giggling Pope Tagle, no less.
De Profundis
Giuseppe Nardi (katholisches.info) says it is not out of the question that Francis will include Fr James Martin, S.J., among the new cardinals
Louis IX
The crowning glory of an evil pontificate.