Manipulated Council: How Time Magazine Lured the Bishops

Robert Blair Kaiser (+2015), a Vatican II correspondent for Time Magazine, disposed of a $20,000 (equivalent to $173.750 in 2021) budget per month, provided by his employer, to host parties for bishops and journalists.

He mentioned this in 2004 to Robert Moynihan (, May 13). Kaiser was from age 18-28 a Jesuit but left the order to marry and to get divorced in the mid-1960s.

At the time, Time Magazine was controlled by its founder Henry Luce (+1967), the son of a Presbyterian missionary and a member of the Republican Party, who was called “Il Luce,” a play on Italy’s Benito Mussolini ("Il Duce"). Luce tried during the 1960s LSD and reported that he had talked to God under its influence.

In Rome, Kaiser rented a very large apartment as a place to discuss the agenda of a "more open Church" at regular dinner parties, "My wife and I would often host 50 or 100 journalists and monsignors, priests and bishops and diplomats, sometimes during the week, sometimes on weekends."
Kaiser had daily dinners and especially big Sunday night meetings that became “a kind of institution.” At one party, starry-eyed Bombay Archbishop Thomas Roberts SJ (1893-1976) found that his “venturesome opinions” were shared by many other prelates, “They thought (and said out loud) that the Church was overloaded with excess baggage, myth, superstition, and nonsense.”

These were the same who voted for the Vatican II documents and implemented so called "reforms" which led to the biggest disaster afflicting the Church since her foundation.

Picture: Vatican II © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsMhjmdkpksb

What a sad piece of history that these Prince’s of the Church would gather about a facade of love.