De Profundis
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Alle Nicht-Linken sollten aufmerksam beobachten, was in Amerika passiert: Der Präsident erklärt in einem bewusst diabolisch inszenierten Auftritt, mit der Drohung von Soldaten, alle Wähler des politischen Gegners zu Staatsfeinden. Gruselig. Demnächst auch in Ihrer Nachbarschaft.
Marko Calvi
Sunamis 49
ein verwirrter typ mehr
Die NWO-Planer hassen natürlich besonders bibeltreue und freiheitsliebende Amerikaner, die ihrer von Satan gesteuerten Machtübernahme im Wege stehen.
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Remember, remember, the 1st of September.
Koza Nutria
What I can see recently around the World is that presidents or prime ministers starts dictatorship. In Poland government is using media to spread the message that opposition is aggressive and because they scare they may force the " war state".
Biden is considered by Americans to be weak. So someone on his marketing team likely thought this would make him look more powerful. Fire that person ASAP.
Sally Dorman
Don't care how much the regime "walks back" the speech today. It declared war on average citizens in a pre-planned written speech with a specific visual background. They meant it.
the king of darkness
Louis IX
Obama's stage settings for his 2008 campaign rallies were cringeworthy as well.
Sleepy Joe wants to spend eternity with the damned. May the Almighty give him exactly what he desires.
John A Cassani
I never thought I would see a “president” condemn half of the country, in front of a backdrop that looks like what I would imagine the gates of hell might look like. A few days ago, Matt Walsh described the escalating rhetoric as “pre-genocidal.” I think I agree.
This is parodically bad imagistics for a president.