Bishop with Coronavirus: “Every time I breathed in, I Would Say ‘Jesus in me’”

Bombay Auxiliary Bishop Dominic Savio Fernandes, 66, was in hospital from October 10-26 for the coronavirus.

His only difficulty was breathlessness, but he was never on a ventilator, “They gave me 2-3 litres of oxygen a day, and I also underwent plasma treatment” (, October 26).

“Every time I breathed in, I would say in my mind 'Jesus in me' and when I exhaled 'and I in Him'.”

“I realised that nothing matters in life except that we love God and everyone else, and forgive one another.” The first thing he did when he left the Intensive Care Unite was “to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.”

Picture: Dominic Savio Fernandes, #newsUuwagwebnc

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