Saint Bernadette Soubirous

Saint Bernadette Soubirous to whom Our Lady appeared in Lourdes from 11 February to 16 July 1858.
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Many times. "Medjugorje? Conversions, conversions, conversions..."(responding to a question by Polish bishops about Medjugorje). "Protect Medjugorje" (to fr. Jozo). "If I was not the pope, I would certainly have visited Mejugorje." You can find times and places of these quotes on the internet, if you want.
Dr Bobus
When did JPII approve Medjugorje
Do you mean the credulity of pope John Paul II? Or of the more than 30 million pilgrims who came to Medjugorje? You do not have a very high opinion of your fellow faithful! (Also a characteristic of the Medjugorje opponents).
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The acrimony of the opponents of Medjugorje is the biggest proof of the authenticity of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace!
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