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Big Question: Who Was The Spiderman At The General Audience?

Francis shook hands with a person dressed as Spider-Man after the June 23 general audience (Video).

The man behind the costume was Mattia Villardita, 28, an Italian who spends his free time visiting sick children who are hospitalised, trying to cheer them up in this costume. Villardita spent most of his own childhood in hospitals.

Francis was informed about Villardita and his “mission." A photo of the meeting generated many online comments. The best: “Cardinal Zen finally managed to get a meeting with Francis by coming in disguise.”

Or, „Spadaro-man?“

Picture: © Vatican Media, #newsToixqgvxfg

Louis IX
I can't imagine performing such familiar gestures with a reigning Pontiff.
@DefendTruth When the Vatican tells you to wear a mask to meet Pope Francis and you misunderstood. :D Speaking of which, just look at that farce... Francis isn't wearing a mask, the man in the suit and tie is, the man in the pink shirt is wearing his mask on his chin... Utterly pointless "masking".
Louis IX
It's always been theater, more for those watching at home to keep them in fear than an actual safety measure.
Personally, this sort of theater might be a good thing, given the current papacy.. Up next, a meet 'n greet with Boba Fett. :P
When your mom tells you to dress up for church but you misunderstood
Who’s with Spider-Man?