Iraq: Hallucinations? Francis Sees Carpets and Mosaics

The different churches in Iraq are like "individual coloured threads" which make up a single beautiful carpet when woven together, Francis fantasised on March 5 in Baghdad's Syriac Catholic Cathedral.

Francis' "carpet" displays "our fraternity" and points to its source. He is obsesses with the idea of unifying confessions and religions which for him are empty shells because doesn't seem to understand their precise content.

Already in May 2019, he claimed in Bulgaria that Christians, Muslims and Jews have created "a mosaic in which every piece is essential for the uniqueness and beauty of the whole.”

In reality, these religions have never created a "mosaic," on the contrary, they are mutually exclusive, while the Catholic Religion is the own founded and wished by God himself.


Lisi Sterndorfer
Pope Francis in the Syriac Catholic Cathedral, Baghdad, the scene of a 2010 attack by IS extremists, which killed 58 "May the memory of their sacrifice inspire us to renew our own trust in the power of the cross and its saving message of forgiveness, reconciliation and rebirth"
Jesus is the Way the Truth And the Life ,no one else goes to the Father except by Him
Outside the Syriac Cathedral of Our Lady of Deliverance