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Syrian Bishop: Better War-torn Syria Than Rotten Europe

Syrians should not emigrate as they won’t be happy in Europa, said Syrian Catholic Bishop Jano Battah.

Talking to Syriana Analysis (April 12) Battah said that there is a "comfort life" in Europe. But this comes with a price, “The French revolution has marginalized God.“

Battah has lived in Europe for 15 years and knows that Christians in Europe are a minority. In France “the percentage of atheists is higher”.

About Syrian politics he said, that there is no alternative to president Assad, “If you have to choose between Assad and jungle, you choose Assad.”

According to Battah “the real problem is the wrong policies of the United States”. And, “Were it not for Russia, we would have been slaughtered.”

Battah points out that there is no war between Christians and Moslems in Syria.

ISIS “has nothing to do with Islam” but “is a political party” and “has been sent from outside.”

Picture: Jano Battah, #newsIexnttxkjf