Cynthia Marie Moulthrop
Unfortunately, the FSSP signed an agreement with the devil, oh sorry, I meant the Vatican, saying they would con celebrate one Novus Ordo Mass per year with the conciliar Church, the Chrism Mass. You make a deal with the devil and you always lose, as he is the father of lies.
Olivier Cartier
You are wrong. The FSSP never signed such a thing. The FSSP celebrates the latin mass exclusively, as already said in the comments. Some priests did con celebrate in the past, and they are no longer (since more than 10 years ago) part of this community.
The whole affair is utterly sickening. All the more so now that the bishop has laid out his reasoning.
The FSSP celebrates the Latin Mass exclusively, it's always been part of their charism..The Archbishop was undoubtely aware of this. Bogus excuse is bogus.
SSPX priory of the Holy Family, Dijon.
Parishes in Dijon from 720 in 2007 to 60 in 2020. Most of the priests they've got are too old to serve even those.