Renewal: Burke Celebrates Mexico’s First Roman Rite Ordination In Decades (Pictures)

Cardinal Raymond Burke ordained Father Joel Pinto Rodríguez on June 11 to the priesthood in the giant Guadalajara Sanctuary of the Martyrs, the largest church in Mexico which was only completed in recent years (video).

Father Pinot hails from Guadalajara and is a member of the Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP). This was the first Roman Rite ordination in Mexico in decades.

The sanctuary is ugly but it was chosen because it can seat 1,200 faithful while keeping sanitary distancing. The church was embellished beautifully with a high altar, throne, crucifix, statue of Our Lady, reliquaries and copious flowers.


Lisi Sterndorfer
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GTV News noticed as well. Fortunately the ugly modernist Piet Mondrian inspired windows were blocked off by High Altar's curtain and canopy.