Disturbing video: Pope Francis refuses to let faithful kiss his papal ring

cyrk biskupa Rzymu
Just Take The Ring Off! Your masonic-sympathizing predecessors already got rid of the tiara, so just get on with it already. likes this.
This is a sick gesture by a sick man, unless he also wants to discard this tradition. likes this.
Pope Frances realizes that he is NOT THE POPE.
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If Pope Francis despises Church tradition this much, why does he even bother wearing papal vestments?
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I have seen these before ,he is playing of cat and mouse , nothing else to do ,i guess
Another day at the Vatican for Slap-happy Unrepentant Jorge of the Pachamamas.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
He slapped the woman in the blue suit with the white collar! likes this.
I'm guessing the smiles on these astonished faces were not long lasting. And these high-profile visits are not free.
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