.... had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage from a thrombosis. He underwent lifesaving surgery that same day. Later he was put in an induced coma to heal, but he suffered a stroke on Oct. 8. On Oct. 13, Jacquineau died at age 49.

Death of rising Jesuit health care scholar stuns global colleagues

Editor's Note: This story is adapted, with permission, from a Facebook post by James F. Keenan. On Oct. 3 we learned from Rome that Jesuit Fr. Jacqui…
Died 13th October sweet Mother protect, we pray he had his Brown Scapular on and extreme unction administered.

Dean in coma as virus hits fully vaxxed Pontifical Gregorian University brownpelicanla.com/…its-catch-covid-suffer-brain-clots-by-jules-gomes/

Jabbed Jesuits Catch Covid, Suffer Brain Clots

Jabbed Jesuits Catch Covid, Suffer Brain Clots
Hugh N. Cry
Rand Miller
Probably died of you know what.
YKW-21. But don't worry - new vaccine is on the way.