Francis Wants “Christian Society” - But Does Francis' God Care?

After the coronavirus „everything" will be different, Francis predicted without giving reasons for this.

In a May 30 message to the “Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service” he writes that the coronavirus suffering will have been useless if this doesn't result in the building up of a "more just, more equitable" society.

He surprisingly even calls for a "more Christian society,” although Francis' Abu Dhabi document implies that "God" doesn't care about a Christian society in particular, since he allegedly "wills" the pluralism and the diversity of religions.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsFlsespirra

Bergoglio to Justin Welby (turning spiritual into mundane): “…we need a vision rich in humanity: we cannot start up again by going back to our selfish pursuit of success without caring about those who are left behind
Self-fulfilling prophecy. Leftists have engineered a radical change in society and, behold, "everything will be different" afterwards.